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Sanford POWER Baseball/Softball Academy

Developing the Complete Player

The professional coaching staff of Sanford POWER Baseball Academy works with players of all ages and abilities on specific skills to help each player maximize their talents:

  • Hitting – balance, stride, distance, timing and rhythm
  • Defense – proper positioning, footwork and balance
  • Pitching – proper mechanics, balance and focus
  • Mental Focus – teach the proper mental techniques to maximize your ability

Sanford POWER Baseball Academy is a program that works with kids from 8 through college age on developing and improving different skill sets for all baseball players.  We have specific training knowledge and workouts for kids just beginning the game and for those with extensive playing experience.  We work with these players on Hitting, Pitching, Infield Play, Outfield Play, and Catching.  We have several individuals with vast knowledge and experience at the college and/or professional level who helps individuals have a better understanding of the mechanics and drills to improve these techniques for each of these aspects of the game.  The individuals working with your kids have all competed at the collegiate level, and two have played and coached at the professional level. We have over 27 years of professional experience which provided us with variety of learning experiences. This has helped us create a training regimen that allows for a very positive atmoshpere to learn and get better.  When completed, your son or daughter will be more confident and have a better understanding of what is creating the improved skill set and game play.


At Sanford POWER Baseball Academy we start you on the path to maximum performance. Our coaches observe and adjust while paying attention to fundamentals, elevating you to the next level. The skills you learn here you can take with you wherever you go, no matter your personal goals. You will finish strong on the diamond and perform at your maximum ability.


In a one-on-one or small group setting, trainers work with each player, developing a tailored plan for fundamentals and drill work. To make sure we can focus on your individual needs, all workouts have no more than three players unless you request a larger group. Small group and team workouts also focus on individual development, but incorporate drills and concepts which can help team improvement.


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POWER Baseball Academy kid swinging