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Golf academy expands summer programming

05/06/2019, 4:30pm CDT
By Sanford media relations

The Sanford POWER Golf Academy is offering expanded programming this summer, including several options for players age 5-18 of all experience levels.

There are two primary categories: Weekly programs and one-day camps.

The multi-week programs range from four to 12 weeks, with options for beginning, intermediate and advanced players. There’s a specific program available for players that live at least 90 miles from Sioux Falls.

The one-day camps focus on a specific aspect of the game, such as course management, wedge play, putting and swing speed.

The academy’s summer schedule starts June 3 and extends through the end of August.

The Sanford POWER Golf Academy is the most comprehensive in the region, combining skill work led by PGA certified professional Todd Kolb, with services from Sanford POWER and the Sanford Sports Science Institute. Year-round offerings include:

  • Golf movement and performance analysis
  • Golf movement and mobility services
  • Strength, speed and power training
  • Golf nutrition and hydration services

The Sanford POWER Golf Academy has bases at the Sanford Sports Complex and Willow Run.

For more information, please email



Junior tour club

Skill level/age: Beginner/ages 7-12

Description: A developmental program that focuses on basic golf swing and short game fundamentals in a fun and encouraging environment. This program is a good introduction for any junior golf and will grow their love for the game

Duration: 12 week program (June 3-Aug. 30)                   

Class times available: TBD (by request)   

Cost: $220


Tour Club4

Skill level/age: Intermediate/ages 12-18

Description: A complete skill developmental program that focuses on full swing and short game along with course strategy and mental game skills.  The structure of the program builds a foundation for long term growth. It will benefit any golfer looking to improve his or her skill set

Duration: 12 week program (June 3-Aug. 30)               

Class times available: TBD (by request)   

Cost: $265-TC4; $285-TC10


Tour club-hybrid

Age/skill level: Intermediate/advanced/ages 13-18

*90 miles of travel (one-way) or more to enroll in program

Description: A program designed for the competitive golfer looking for a comprehensive approach to improvement. Students will be supported with a practice structure that includes full-swing and short game technique, course strategy and mental coaching along with weekly review of the rules of golf.

Duration: 12 week program (June 3-Aug. 30)

*Two classes each month (set up monthly)       

Class times available: Mondays (11 a.m.-1 p.m.) or Wednesdays (12:30-2:30 pm)

Cost: $265


Tiny tees

Age/skill level: Beginner/ages 5-9

Description: An introductory skill development program for young golfers looking to learn the game in a fun, supportive environment. Program structure will focus on basic swing and short game fundamentals, rules and etiquette of golf.

Duration: (2) 4 week programs

Session 1-June 5, 12, 19 and 26

Session 2-July 10, 17, 24 and 31

Class times available: Wednesdays (9-10 am)

Cost: $150-1 session/ $250-2 sessions


Special skills camps   

Speed: Learn how to hit the ball farther by creating more speed in your golf swing

Date: June 13

Description: do you want to hit it 20 yards farther? Join us for a one-day camp and leave hitting it farther than all your competitors! Learn how the best golfers are using technique, strength & conditioning programs and the latest research to bomb the ball off the tee!

Duration: Session 1-9-Noon; Session 2-1-4:00 pm (tbd-demand)

Cost: $150-guest $125-academy      


Course management: Learn how to strategize with a tour player

Date: June 27

Description: do you ever leave the golf course thinking you couldn’t have hit the ball better and still didn’t see the score you wanted? Spend a day with our team and learn how course strategy may be what is missing in your game. Learn how the best golfers prepare for their round, what they focus on while playing and what strategy is needed to consistently shoot lower scores!

Duration: 9 a.m.-3 p.m.

Cost: $300


Putting: learn the process and 3 vital skills that all great putters have on the greens!

Date: July 18

Description: do you constantly hit greens yet only to find yourself walking to the next tee disappointed with another three-putt and no confidence? Join us for our putting camp and learn the three skills (green reading, aiming-start line, and speed control) that will make you the best putter on your team!

Duration: Session 1-9-Noon; Session 2-1-4 p.m. (tbd-demand)

Cost: $150-guest $125-academy   


Wedge project: learn how to dial in the wedges

Date: July 25

Description: Do you get the ball around the green and have doubt as to what type of shot you want to hit or the club you should use? Join us for the wedge project camp and learn how to dial in your wedges. Learn from our team the proper technique, club selection and strategy to start getting up and down from anywhere around the greens!

Duration: Session 1- 9-Noon; Session 2-1-4 p.m. (tbd-demand)

Cost: $150-guest $125-academy

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