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Program & Package Information

For athletes who want football-specific training only:

Private Training (1-on-1)

(One on one instruction - 1 session/week)

Private training sessions are designed based on the individual athlete's skill level (beginner, intermediate, advanced).  Please note that we may occasionally pair athletes together during one on one training for demonstration and variety of drill work.

Package Price Hourly Rate
Single session $65
6 week option $330 $55
8 week option $400 $50
12 week option $540 $45

Small Group Training

(3-4 in group - 1 session/week)

Small group training is designed around athletes' age, skill level, and position.

Package Price Hourly Rate
Single session $50
6 week option $240 $40
8 week option $280 $35
12 week option $360 $30

30/30 Program

12 sessions
Half hour session of POWER Training and half hour session of POWER Riggs Football Academy. The 30/30 program runs from November thru May.

For Kids 12 and under (5-6/group)

1/2 hour 1/2 hour $260

Premier Prep

Academy coaches will evaluate high school junior/senior athletes and assist them in college recruiting.  Evaluation includes film review by two coaches, discussion of strengths/weaknesses, identifying position and recommended level of play, assistance with preparation of highlight film, guidance with recruiting process, and an evaluation letter for college coaches.

Grades: 11th & 12th


Team & Coaches Training

1) Team Training

Team training can occur on site at the Sanford FIELDHOUSE, or on location at a team's practice facility. Available to all ages and skill levels.

  • FIELDHOUSE: $25/athlete
  • On location (minimum 15 athletes): $20/athlete           

2)  Coaching Consultation
Do you need advice or guidance with your team? Individual consultations are available-please inquire for details.

Unless otherwise noted, RPF sessions are an hour each.

**Sales Tax is NOT included.

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